You take me for granite and one day I’m not gonna put up with it anymore

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Rene Burri, Cuba 1993

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Choir teacher: Tomorrow, we'll be figuring out if you're a tenor, bass, alto, or soprano.
Me: im an aries

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the walls in my house are so thin like i might as well be in the same room watching my roommates have sex

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Ayatsuki’ s erikae (Part 3) - the newest geiko in Miyajimacho

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i hate living in texas i hate living in hot places i hate sweating

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android commercial: *proves that they’re better than iphones in every way possible*

me: …and?

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there is the ebola virus in dallas i’m not leaving my house or sucking any dick until it’s eradicated

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Psyche Abandoned by Cupid


Nicolas Colombel

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like i seriously live for secular renaissance and baroque and die for everything that’s under sacred works like idc about pop music it’s fun but i’m too busy getting my voice ready to echo off the walls of the basilica 

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i wish someone could make me feel the same way that classical music does

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Title: Now hath Flora robbed her bowers
Artist: Emma Kirkby
Album: The Emma Kirkby Collection
♫: 110 plays

honestly? really honestly i’m not joking there is and may never be anyone who performs early music as well as emma i’m very sure the angels in heaven have a similar timbre

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