Martin Conte and Laurie Harding for Document Journal, ph. Collier Schorr

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white girls

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Rowena Xi Kang

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Title: Me & U
Artist: Cassie
Album: Single
♫: 3,362 plays

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japanese bands singing songs in german using japanese fluctuation and tone……………………………………………..

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OMG so a teacher i had my freshman year of high school has 2 kids and they were both born with this condition and idk what it is but they look like cuttlefish? it’s so sad and i feel bad but they honestly look like small squids…..

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i’m listening to early venetian lute music while i write a 5 page paper based off of 200 words i wrote down pertaining to the topic and i want to die! 

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she was alive but she was like dead

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aquarians are totally appealing. People will invite aquarians to just stand around and
perform for them.

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Virtue Defends Judgment from Ignorance and Vice, by Antonio Balestra, Pinacoteca Civica di Palazzo Chiericati, Vicenza.

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i lowkey thinks crocs can be cute and like i get crucified every time i say it but idc i’m buying a pair 

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