MY heart i’m crying it’s so cute :(

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can u imagine the scandal though if i had gone on my mission if i was gay like i almost had sex with that missionary and i wasn’t even on a mission like……….. LMAO i’m laughing i would truly be the biggest mess the mormon church has ever seen 

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it’s funny to think that if i had been straight i probably would have never found a reason to dislike the church and probably would have stayed mormon like somewhere in an alternate universe a muscled short haired nick is riding a bike in a foreign country asking people if they’ve heard about christ

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Halloween postcards c. 1900s

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i really hope wendy davis wins the governor election and it’ll honestly be up to the young voters cause it’s the ugly old country club republicans that actually go and vote

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the local news is literally live reading their facebook account like is there nothing to talk about like…… idk actual news?

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ph by katsuhide morimoto for huge magazine, sept 2010

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i’m a very cold person in first meeting and even in acquaintance but i really love the people i love and i’m trying to show it

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sometimes i call my mom and ask her stuff i already know the answer to so that it feels like i still need her is that dumb?

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House in Chayagasaka

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Rene Grincourt by B Charles Johnson for Caleo Magazine

Visit www.caleomag.com for more!

OKAY but really???? i’m getting one asap

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who did it better?


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